Has The Gwenaissance Gone Too Far?

It was a little more than eight months ago that I wrote of the Gwen Stacy Renaissance– or “Gwenaissance,” if you prefer– and how much this turn of events pleased me. But has the movement gone too far?

Marvel now has a character (one made purely for laughs, but still) called “Gwenpool”– a satiric spin on Deadpool. Since the Gwen Stacy character had no connection to the Deadpool character, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then again, I don’t imagine it’s supposed to. In any case, it’s clear that Gwen-mania is running absolutely wild.

This apparently started with a slew of variant covers featuring Gwen that Marvel put out back in June.  This was the Deadpool cover:


This cover/character really lit up the collective comics-buying public. Particularly the cosplayers, to wit:

10843734_1033830003301554_1711594616_n d7c798ee386b85bbe96da4d40c8c6221

This, in turn, has led to the character getting the creative spotlight:

GWENPOOLCOV2015001_DC91-600x922 gwenpool

Is it finally all too much? Will the Gwen-balloon soon burst? Well, if this iteration isn’t the shark-jumper, I can’t even imagine what will be.

2 thoughts on “Has The Gwenaissance Gone Too Far?”

  1. I read the issue, its not bad. And Gwenpool is established to be Gwen Poole, not Gwen Stacy, so I’m less worried about it than I initially was, because I love Spider-Gwen and Gwen Stacy. I will keep hoping that the Gwen-Mania, doesn’t effect Spider-Gwen or Gwen Stacy (I know they are the same person, I just wanted to write in ‘Gwen’ as much as possible.) 😀

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