Rom #17, “Hybrid!”

Rom has returned! In case you missed the news, the classic Rom comics (as well as Micronauts) published by Marvel back in the 80s are finally being packaged in reprint editions, scheduled for release beginning early next year, 2024. Continue reading Rom #17, “Hybrid!”

Latest Pete-Mary Jane Drama

This is a classic comics blog, but modern goings-on will often find their way into the discussion here—or more accurately, I will drag them into the discussion, wisely or unwisely. Continue reading Latest Pete-Mary Jane Drama

Tigra the Were-Woman

Over a year ago, I discussed Moon Knight’s appearance in Marvel Spotlight #28 (Jun. 1976) as part of a broader Moon Knight post. During this discussion, I mentioned buying Marvel Chillers #5 (Jun. 1976) at nearly (or possibly exactly) the same time. Continue reading Tigra the Were-Woman