TV Superheroes at Midseason

Happy MLK Day to all! I was thinking of doing an African-American themed post today, but then decided I’d hold off on that until February (Black History Month). For the time being then, I want to check back in on some superheroish television programs just as they’re about to return from the midseason break.


We were treated to “The Man in the Yellow Suit” just before hiatus in a superb episode that was very satisfying despite the fact that it seemed to raise more questions than it answered. Recently, some proverbial cats were apparently let out of the bag, so I’m relegating my speculations to the spoiler space below.


I’m writing this as the new episode is currently airing, which probably tells you all you need to know as far as how I feel about Gotham. I’m pretty much giving up on this show, at least for the time being. I might check back in later this season if I hear enough good things.


Okay, so this is so obvious I don’t think spoiler space is even required: We know Oliver is coming back via the Lazarus Pit at some point, the only question is when. There was a rumor a while back that he’d be absent from five episodes, which sounded like a hell of a lot to me. More recently, the buzz is it would be less than that; there’s nothing to do at this point but wait and see. Even if he’s out for just a week or two, who or what fills the gap? The Atom? The new Black Canary? Arsenal? My interest is certainly piqued.

Agent Carter/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So the regular show won’t be back ‘til March, and apparently neither Skye nor her father are classic Inhuman characters, as I’d speculated/hoped. My excitement has dimmed a bit as a result, but I’m sticking with the show when it comes back.

Meanwhile, I’m digging Agent Carter, even though it does not appear to tie in to the regular S.H.I.E.L.D. show plotlines at all at this point. (Creatively speaking, I don’t think it needs to do so; I’m just surprised they wouldn’t go this route from a commercial standpoint.) Still, she has a much deeper connection to a key cinematic character (Captain America) and the 1940s setting gives it a unique feel and flavor.


Looks like this show is cancelled, though there might be a chance for renewal next year. No new episodes beyond the original season order, supposedly. In any case, it wasn’t thrilling me, so I don’t care very much either way.



Potential Flash Spoilers:
















Last month’s midseason finale of “The Flash” established a definite connection between Harrison Wells and the Reverse-Flash. The nature of this connection was still not quite clear… until a few week’s back when, during The CW’s “The Flash” panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, actor Tom Cavanagh (who plays Professor Wells) appeared to come out and say Wells was the Reverse Flash (i.e., the proverbial “Man in the Yellow Suit”). At the same panel, however, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg noted of Eddie Thawne, “His name is not an accident.”

I’m not so sure they weren’t purposely trying to plant red herrings at this panel. While Wells may have some ties to the Reverse Flash, I think he still has deeper ties to the Flash himself—leaving Eddie Thawne as our actual Reverse Flash. The one key touch in the final scene of our midseason finale that leads me to this conclusion: Wells has a Flash ring. Only the Flash would have that—or one of his descendants from the future.

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