Mexico Via Germany

It’s late 2021, almost three years after I first posted about Spider-Man comics in Mexico, and it doesn’t appear as though interest in this topic is subsiding any time soon.

I just updated and edited said post this week, and as I go back and do more research I just keep making fresh discoveries. Most of them I edited back into that original post, but here’s an oddity that I thought might merit a quick post of its own: Reprint editions of that-seemingly-in-high-demand issue of El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #128 are being sold on eBay and elsewhere, albeit for exorbitant prices, ranging from $75 to $160 (plus shipping). According to the description copy, these comics have been translated into English and were printed in (and shipped from), of all places, GERMANY.

Don’t ask me, folks, I’m just the messenger.

Here are some images of this strange reprint edition that I managed to pull from the listing:

As I just went over in my newly-updated and exhaustively-researched original post (again: cheap plug), despite this issue’s reputation as a “wedding story,” Pete and Gwen do not truly get married here—it was all just a dream.

Now personally, this whole thing strikes me as a rip-off, but I realize there are other Spidey nuts out there (nuts who probably have too much money) that would be willing to spend a hundred bucks on this. As always, caveat emptor.

Having said that, if the price were ever to drop to ten bucks or so, I’d probably buy it. But then I’m a fairly big Spidey nut myself.


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