A Super 82nd & Other Nostalgia

Yesterday was the 82nd anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1—in other words, Superman’s birthday. So yeah, I’m a day late but still: a belated Happy Birthday to the Man of Steel, 82 years young as of yesterday.

In honor of the day, I’d like to share a wonderful article on the original Superman movie here. (Re-read my own take from about fifteen months back here.)

Plus a couple other things that popped up on Twitter and hit me right in the feels this morning. First, our friends at the Spinner Rack came up with another goodie, bringing us back to this date in 1986.

The second installment of Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and the conclusion of Moore’s “American Gothic” arc in Swamp Thing released on the same day. Sweet Lord, what a time to be alive.

And then nine years earlier, the comics on the racks this day in 1977, courtesy of Tony Scipione:

The first issue of Marvel’s Star Wars, Omega the Unknown, the Justice Society in All-Star Comics, the Avengers kicking off their then-latest Ultron epic, Freedom Fighters against the Crusaders, Kirby on Black Panther, the Legion, the Defenders (with Moon Knight) taking on the Zodiac (with their 50th anniversary issue just a month away), the Champions battling Swarm, Return of the New Gods, Superman (apparently) fighting Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel versus Modok… oh the pain! Give me back my childhood! Now, please!


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