The Final Crisis?

Is DC going to survive much longer? This is the question we find ourselves facing right now.

Dan DiDio no longer holds his position as publisher after apparently being fired just a few days ago. More broadly, the entire company may be done if their latest reboot (referred to as “5G” or “Generation 5,” depending on whom you ask) flops this summer. Based on the rumors, I’m not a fan and remain skeptical of the viability of the concept. Throw in the fact that this is either their third or fourth reboot for DC in the last dozen years, and it looks like an even bigger mess.

Could we really be looking at the end? Well, I think it’s going to be the end for the current ruling regime at DC one way or another, but the end of Superman and Batman comics altogether? I would think they’d survive in some form or other, somehow. But the idea that this could be the end of the line is not as outlandish as it may have once seemed.


3 thoughts on “The Final Crisis?”

  1. I doubt Superman or Batman will ever go away. Disney is always in the market to acquire intellectual properties. They are the Borg of The IP world. So no, it will not be the end, just a new beginning.

    1. We know the properties aren’t going to die; the question is will they continue to exist in newly-published-comic-book form. The answer to this question is not exactly clear at this point.

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