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Cyborgs & Sith Lords

At some point last year I stumbled across a few articles/notices on the “War of the Bounty Hunters” crossover then taking place across Marvel’s Star Wars comics. One character I saw invited particular attention—a cyborg fighter that kindled memories going back several decades. Continue reading Cyborgs & Sith Lords

Wonder Woman 1984 & The Mandalorian

Many times during my life as a blogger I have looked in the mirror and asked myself, “have I degenerated into a pure troll at this point? Has it become my default response to just hate everything?” And I have often struggled with the answers to these questions, particularly so in more recent years. Continue reading Wonder Woman 1984 & The Mandalorian

Corvettes & Jedi Knights

This blog is normally about comics, particularly classic comics of the Bronze Age that I grew up reading, but every once in a while I’ll take things in a more personal direction (though always with some comics content, however small). Today I’ll be getting personal in the extremis. Continue reading Corvettes & Jedi Knights