Spider-Mex Redux

A funny thing happened earlier this week. Remember that Spider-Mex post of mine from over a year and a half ago; the one that started on Twitter? Well for whatever reason, this same story started making the rounds on Twitter again. Naturally, I tweeted replies and posted a link to that old blogpost wherein I debunked the story—the story being that the Mexican publisher of Spider-Man comics refused to kill off the Gwen Stacy character because she was so popular among Mexican readers. Still, I found myself struck by the question of why this story seems to stubbornly refuse to go away.

Then a (possible) answer came to me: The story refuses to go away because there seems to be a significant portion of comic fans out there that don’t want it to go away; that want to believe in it. And the reason they want to believe it is because they have a fondness for the Gwen character and/or believe that the decision to kill her off was a bad one. This warmed my heart a bit, since (as any regular reader of this blog already knows all too well) I too have a fondness for Gwen and absolutely hate the fact that she was killed off.

It’s a Pyrrhic victory, as we can’t rewrite history and correct this god-awful mistake, but it’s still nice to know I’m not as alone in this crusade as I once believed I was.

So hang in there, folks, and never stop fighting the good fight—even if it all seems hopeless, never give up.  Like David Bowie sang, you’re not alone. And you’re wonderful.


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