Little Help…

I’ve been trying to work on that Vision post first mentioned in my “Age of Ultron” review and have run into a bit of a roadblock.

Several years back (maybe more… probably more), I came across this great article about the African-American experience as it related to Marvel comics. The gist of the article was this: The writer (whose name I cannot recall) traced a clear line through all the classic Marvel characters that he could best relate to as an African American. Those characters were, chronologically, the Thing, the Hulk, Spider-Man, and the Vision. (The Silver Surfer may have also been in there between Spidey and the Vizh, I’m not sure.) Problem is I can’t find this article now to save my life.

I was so sure this was a Comics Journal article, but was proven wrong when I pored over every single issue of the Journal I own and could not find it. I then went through all my back issues of Amazing Heroes, Comics Interview… everything I had, but still no luck.

I’d really like to use this article in my Vision post, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, please leave a comment or email me at Thanks.

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