The Way It Began!

Where did it all start? Well this is only a guess but I’d bet good money on it. (What the hell, until someone invents a time machine it can never be proven either way, right?) I’m pretty sure my first exposure to superheroes came not from comics but from television. It’s one of my earliest memories, from around age three or four, of watching that Spider-Man cartoon from 1967 in syndicated reruns. I was so young I can’t offer any further details beyond this, but I know I saw it and was mesmerized. It was a spell that has proven itself, at least up to this point, unbreakable.

From that moment on, I was superhero crazy. And from the very beginning, my favorite superhero has always been Spider-Man. In addition, that cartoon also had the best theme song ever. (As great as the Batman theme was—and it certainly is great—it comes in second to this one, imo.)

Here’s an interesting little social experiment for you: If you’ve got one or more kids handy, and they’re about 3-4 years old, plant them in front of your computer (or tablet or mobile device) and play this video for them. See if it turns them into as big a Spider-Man freak as me.

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