Happy New/Old Year!

I tend to save my old calendars, assuming they have any aesthetic value at all. If/when someone comes across this pile of calendars in my basement, they usually remark something along the lines of “What are you saving this for? It’s not like it will ever be [fill in random past year] again!”

Well, for anyone whoever told me that, you were wrong. The dates of 2017 match the dates of 1978, which means I can finally hang my 1978 Spider-Man calendar on the wall!

…For any fans out there that foolishly threw their calendars away thirty-eight years ago, here’s a reminder of what the month of January looks like:

And here are just the dates, for anyone who wants to use it as their desktop wallpaper for this month:

Hey, I’m pretty sure this means I can recycle my 1979 Star Wars calendar next year, too!

Happy 1978/2017, everyone!

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