Happy 1976!

Guess what everybody? Beginning on March 1st of this year, it became 1976 again. That is to say, I could put up my old Marvel Bicentennial calendar because the dates and days all aligned.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, I really love this calendar. The only drawback is that the best image from it, that John Romita cover with Cap, Spidey, and the Hulk as the Spirit of ’76, isn’t attached to any month in the calendar, so once you put the calendar up, you wouldn’t see this glorious image again. This image really should have been attached to the month of July as well as the cover. Not that the image they used for July was bad (it has Cap standing in front of the Declaration of Independence), but the Spirit of ’76 one is just SO good.

Now 1976 was a leap year, so it doesn’t fully repeat itself very often. However, it will repeat again partially, just as it does this year, in 2027 (meaning I’ll be able to use my ’76 calendar again from March through December). It will repeat itself fully (meaning I’ll be able to use the calendar the whole year) just three leap years from now in 2032.

So put on some disco and stream Dazed and Confused on Amazon or Peacock (or if you’re a true person of taste like myself, pop your Criterion edition disc into your blu-ray player) and enjoy—like I said, 1976 doesn’t come back around like this very often.

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