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I really should have seen this coming. Just a couple weeks after I publish that lenghty, what-I-hoped-would-be-exhaustive-and-complete Gwenaissance post, I stumble across news that we’ll be getting more new Gwen material rather soon. Therefore, consider this an addendum to my recent Gwenaissance post discussing the latest Gwen Stacy project, What If…? Dark: Spider-Gwen, set to be published by Marvel in June.

The synopsis, according to Comic Book Resources:

Spider-Legend Gerry Conway returns to his most famous Spider-Story for this WHAT IF along with co-writer Jody Houser! WHAT IF Gwen Stacy didn’t die on the bridge that day, but Spider-Man DID?! ’Nuff said, I presume!

Since Spider-Gwen is in the title and her floating head is prominently placed on the cover, can we assume that Gwen replaces Pete as the Spider-Hero of this alternate reality after he dies? I’d say it’s a very safe assumption. How much sense does this make? Not a lot, given the background of OG Gwen, from whom this alternate reality is derived.

Gerry Conway’s contribution is also interesting. Did the idea start with him? Or with Jody Houser, the credited co-writer? Or perhaps someone else in editorial came up with the idea, anticipating the anniversary of ASM 121-122?

Obviously, I can’t speak to the story’s quality; I will probably read it, though I can’t guarantee I’ll review it. Though I’ve strayed toward modern comics and modern comics-related stuff from time to time here, this is supposed to be a classic comics blog after all. On the flipside, Conway’s involvement does lend a classic angle to the story, potentially, and if it sheds any relevant light on the original story I might offer some coverage.

In other Gwen news, a facsimile edition of ASM #121 will also be out in June, right around the same time as the What If…? Dark comic is scheduled.

The Gwen train just keeps on rolling, folks.

EDIT 4/4/23: Adding to this post just two days later, proving once again just how out of control the Gwenaissance has become. So ASM is in the middle of this storyline that they’re making into a pretty big deal, with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man (volume whatever) #25 set to resolve a mystery that’s lingered since writer Zeb Wells started this latest volume of ASM over a year ago. The mystery is what exactly did Pete do to create so much acrimony between himself and MJ, along with a whole bunch of his fellow superheroes?

Whatever the answer, it would seem to have almost nothing to do with Gwen Stacy, but they weren’t about to let this get in the way of putting out a variant cover wherein Gwen is prominently featured:

You can check out more of the variant covers here. END EDIT

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  1. Woah! Crusty, I’m just glad you saw this and reported on it before I wrote my own blog post on AS-M #122 (coming this Saturday, if you don’t mind the shameless plug 😉 ) — otherwise I’d have had to add it in later.

    1. Just updated this with some late-breaking, new info. Probably not worthy of inclusion in your upcoming ASM #122 review, Alan, but there it is, just in case.

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