Flash Back?

I almost made it. I was just about out the door. Then…

Regular followers of this blog will recall that the last time I discussed the Berlantiverse (or “Arrowverse,” as it is sometimes called) I was not particularly impressed. In fact, if you read the tenor of that post right, you’d have known that I was on the cusp of wiping all the superhero TV shows from my plate next year. Then we had the season finale of The Flash last night, which I’ll get into right after the spoiler space.

















When I was reviewing the end of this show’s inaugural season almost exactly one year ago, I lamented the fact that they didn’t abandon the key plot point of the original “Flashpoint” comic series (from which season one was largely adapted). That plot point being the murder of Barry’s mother. Well, as if this wasn’t bad enough, they followed that up with the murder of Barry’s father this season (at the end of last week’s episode/the beginning of the finale last night).

Naturally, I was fairly disgusted by this turn of events. I guess I had gained some faith through Marvel’s fixing of bad stories in their film adaptations and thus hoped DC could follow suit with their TV adaptations. It should’ve been the last straw, but then we reached the ending and…

So we get to the end with Barry out on the stoop with Iris and he’s expressing just how sick he is over all of these events. Then he runs off, time travels back to the past, and… and he does exactly what I was praying he’d do in last season’s finale. He kicks Reverse Flash’s ass and saves his mother. And I can only assume this leads to some kind of reboot for the series, however large or small.

There’s a chance, of course, that all this leads to an even bigger clusterfuck next season (which would be a heck of an accomplishment, as this past season was a total mess), but now I’ve got to tune in and find out. Does this mean Arrow gets rebooted too somehow? Maybe. Does it lead to some variation of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, whereby Supergirl (now on the CW network) ends up a full part of this universe with Flash, Arrow, and Legends? Perhaps. I know they’ll probably end up breaking my heart yet again, but they’ve got me on the hook for next season now. At least for the start of it.

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