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Super Friends 50th Anniversary

A couple months back, a Saturday morning favorite of mine celebrated the golden jubilee of its debut as Super Friends premiered on the ABC television network on September 8, 1973. Continue reading Super Friends 50th Anniversary

When Batty Met Supey

As a nostalgia-fueled blog, it’s not surprising that human memory (specifically my human memory) would be a regular theme here, but it is just a tad surprising to me that it seems to have become the dominant theme. Continue reading When Batty Met Supey

A Super-Wonderful Valentine!

Some things just seem to fit together so naturally. Peanut butter and jelly. Abbott and Costello. Continue reading A Super-Wonderful Valentine!

Wonder Woman 1984 & The Mandalorian

Many times during my life as a blogger I have looked in the mirror and asked myself, “have I degenerated into a pure troll at this point? Has it become my default response to just hate everything?” And I have often struggled with the answers to these questions, particularly so in more recent years. Continue reading Wonder Woman 1984 & The Mandalorian