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Casper #170, “The Littlest Trick-or-Treater”

Looking for something Halloween themed while also looking to branch out into fresh genres and publishers, I figured there would be a ton of Halloween stories of Casper the Friendly Ghost out there, right? Continue reading Casper #170, “The Littlest Trick-or-Treater”

Latest Pete-Mary Jane Drama

This is a classic comics blog, but modern goings-on will often find their way into the discussion here—or more accurately, I will drag them into the discussion, wisely or unwisely. Continue reading Latest Pete-Mary Jane Drama

Little Archie and the Magic Hat (or Cap)

It’s that time of year again, and the Christmas comic I’ve chosen to cover this season is Little Archie #180, cover dated Feb. 1983, which means it would have been on the stands just before Christmas of ’82. Continue reading Little Archie and the Magic Hat (or Cap)

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Yes, today’s title is another musical reference. Continue reading Bigmouth Strikes Again

Who’s the Man?

Bad enough I’ve got a post dealing with a very controversial topic that drives comic fans into a frenzy, but I’m publishing it on a Friday the 13th? Well, at least no one can accuse me of being superstitious! Continue reading Who’s the Man?

When Batty Met Supey

As a nostalgia-fueled blog, it’s not surprising that human memory (specifically my human memory) would be a regular theme here, but it is just a tad surprising to me that it seems to have become the dominant theme. Continue reading When Batty Met Supey