2014: A Comics-Geek Odyssey, Part 5

Just for fun, the next three posts will contain all extant photographic evidence of my comics-reading youth, accompanied by a smattering of commentary.


Alrighty, so this is me with a copy of Freedom Fighters #5 (Dec. 1976). Based on the cover date, I’m guessing it was around the autumn of ’76 when this pic was taken.

I loved Freedom Fighters because I generally loved superhero teams, and also because the characters on this particular team had no real civilian identities, which meant most issues were wall-to-wall superhero action, which was all I really wanted from my comics back then.

This was a particularly fun issue. We had the seeming death of Wonder Woman, the resurrection of the Fighters’ archenemy the Silver Ghost, a slam-bang fight with King Samson, and a jailbreak. I also greatly enjoyed Ramona Fradon’s artwork (both here and in the pages of Plastic Man).

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